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Rage of Bahamut - Safe Multiple Device registration for iOS devices only

Rage Of Bahamut Multiple Device registration Only for  iOS devices

Setting up multiple devices or 'Terminals' for rage of bahamut is reasonably easy on an iOS system because unlike the android version RoB doesn't lock your account to your phone's IMEI number but your UID number instead. Which if your device is jailbroken, can be spoofed.

What You'll need.

  • A Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  • Access to the Cydia Repo
First off, I'm going to assume you have an account ready to register so I will skip to the main points.
In Cydia you'll need to add a custom repo source. MANAGE > SOURCES > EDIT > ADD  - And add this url as a repo source; Http:// Then hit 'Add source'

Once Cydia has refreshed with a new list. Search for UIDFaker (All one word) and install.

Open UIDFaker and scroll down to Rage of Bahamut and hit 'Random UID' A few times then turn your phone off (It's recommended) Unless you can forcefully close Rage.

Once restarted. Open rage and you will be able to register your second account on the same iOS device!

Note: This does work, However I do not endorse or am responsible for any repercussions that may ensue should this method become detected.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rage of Bahamut Hacks Cheats Cash Tips Codes Free Invite Cards Rupes Keygen Crack Device Multiple Registration Account

Description :

Battle other players in a trading card game for the ages.

With over 1 million players in Japan, Rage of Bahamut comes to Android for the first time!


★ Hundreds of stunning cards to collect, with more constantly being added
★ Fast & easy battles on the go with stunning and alluring characters
★ Daily updates to continue to expand your deck
★ Live single and multiplayer action from a seemingly endless database of battle hungry foes!
★ Quests to claim your place in Rage of Bahamut history

Dark is the day, gone is the wonder…
Find your path, conquer the world...
Alone or allied, make the world bow down…
Smell the victory, taste the triumph…

Be Human – Be Godly – Be Evil
Choose an allegiance to strive for control of your world!

Connect with other virtual warriors on Facebook at

Rage of Bahamut is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network.

Tips and Tricks :

Basic Tips

  To start the game you have to go through the Tutorial to learn the basics of the game. There are 3 Class selections Man, Gods and Demons, they are all almost the same is just the every  character has its own attributes.

Man - Hardness the power of Humans such as Fighters, Lancers and Bersekers. Known strong characters are King Arthur and Lancelot.

Gods - Harness the poewr of divine races such as Angels, Elves and Elementals. Known strong characters are Odin and Gigamegh.

Demons - Harness the power of demonic beast like dragons, demons and vampires. Known strong characters are Bahamut and Tiamat.

  1. The game is like playing with Cards which is just like fighting who's the best trump
  2. Rupies is the money in the game which is generally used for leveling up and enhancing your Cards. You can also use it for trading to get much better cards
  3. Rarity determines the power and the level of the card. The more rare the card is, the better
  4. You can level up a card to increase its rarity from normal, high-normal , rare to SS Rare
  5. Always take your Referral Code with you, give if to all new players so you can get more bonuses

How To Complete the Treasures

Completing treasures will grant you a High-Rare Card which has Skill ability cards.
This card has unique ability and you don't need to evolve. Here are the tips to complete them

  1. Do the quest with the 'yellow' icon, there's a chance to get the Treasure
  2. Do the Battle and find an opponent base by Treasure
  3. Put the Treasure in your WishList or ask your fellow to present you with the Treasure

How To Protect Your Treasures

  1. Put some defense skill points and equip high Defensive Cards. Get a card with Defense Skills to enhance your defense
  2. The best way to protect your Tressures is send it Tresure as a present to your Dummy account. Don't claim your present not until you're about to complete it. Once you have the set send it back to your self and get the bonus
  3. Send the Tresure as a present your high DEFENSE account player. This way you're sure you will defend much better

How To Evolve A Card

 You need to evolve your card to make it more stronger and valuable for trading. Evolving a card means leveling up its Rarity, the more rare the card is, the more stronger it is. You can only Evolve a card with its exact card meaning if you only have duplicate card.

  1.  Go to Evolve Page in the "menu"
  2. In the page you find the list of cards that you can Evolve with those duplicates
  3. Select a card and Evolve it 'with' the same card then select Evovle
  4. Once its evolves, you can evolve until 3x which you can find from the stars in the card

The First Thing Before You Start

  1. Obviously, play the tutorial and finish it 
  2. Once you're done with the Tutorial you will need the Referral Code from your Friend. If you don't have any Referral Code, search it from Google or use this QEX41376. [ Post your Referral Code in the comment section so everyone may see it and use it ]
  3. Verify your Device by registering your Terminal or your phone. This is to enable you to receive some presents from your friends and bonuses from quest.
  4. Once you verified your account.... DON'T claim ALL your RUPIES,... why? because you don't need them all right away and you might lost when someone attacked you from battle.  
  5. Take the speical card from the Daily Reward Cards with your Friends points
  6. Start finding some Fellows to get more Bonus Stat Points
  7. Start playing the Quest and collect more Cards as much as you can. It doesn't matter if you got duplicate cards, you'll be using it for Enhance and Evolving a card
  8. Don't Enhance your Card if its not fully Evolved
  9. Always build your Stats balance, don't put too much on ATK same way with  DEF
  10. Enjoy playing and don't take it seriously

How To Invite A Friend/Fellow

 You will need a Fellow to get more Rupies, Trade items and get more Friends points. There's a lot of reason why you have to add a lot of friends to make you stronger.

  1. Go to the 'Menu' and select Fellows, from fellow's page you can select all the players in the list but you're only limited for 5 request a day
  2. You can also search a fellow by level or by name
  3. You can invite and add your friends in Mobage 
  4. You can Invite a Friend and send your Referral Code to get the Referral Bonus

[ Post your Referral Code in the comment section so everyone may see it and use it ]

How To Get Your Referral Code

 The best way to get a Free Supreme Rare Card (SS Angel Princess) and 100,000 Rupees , is send your Referral Code to new players. Once they started to play , finished the Tutorial and Verified their Device you will get an instant bonus. If you haven's started playing you can use this code QEX41376.

  1. In the "My Page", find the banner with the "Invite a  Friend and Get Princess!" this will take you to the Invite a Friend Page
  2. In the page select the 'Get a Referral Code'
  3. Take the code and send it thru all your friends, post it in your facebook , twiiter or other social networking sites
  4. Post your Referral Code in the 'comments' section here so other visitor will find it and they might add you

How To Win From Battle (PVP)

  1. Boost your ATK stat to get more power. The more power of your ATK stat, the more cards you can equip
  2. Evolve your Card that has good ATK damage and Ehance it
  3. Add more Fellow/Friend to get more Stat bonus
  4. Select the weakest opponent in Battle List. Usually the lower the level and smaller Fellows will be most likely a weak opponent. Check also their Cards if they don't have rare strong cards
  5. Try to check your opponent Card, usually if their leader has RARE card means they have more advanced cards but not most of the time this is applicable

How To get More Rupies

  1. Do the Quest you will earn some Rupies for every monsters you killed and you can also get a Treasure Rupies in some quest
  2. Sale your unused Cards
  3. Invite a friend and give your Referral Code
  4. Trade with other player and sale your Card in good Rupies
  5. Battle in PVP, if you lucky enough you can get 2k rupies or more

The Cheat (No Hacking)

  This is not hacking or you don't need any app to install to do this. This is just common cheat for all MMORPG games.

WARNING: Do this at your own risk because there's a chance you might got banned from playing.

Create a Multiple account

  Since its just easy to create an account that doesn't need any requirement but a unique name and a good password, you can create a million account if you want too. Its nice because you can also enter a fake mail that doesn't need any verification so you can abuse their system. The problem is only you can use as your legal account because you need to register it with your device or phone. So it means your fake account won't get any present or other bonuses.

 So what's the big deal of creating multiple account? with your Multiple Account you can do the following:

  1. Share cards so you can easily Evolve and Enhance
  2. Share Rupies from trading
  3. Get more Fellows and get the Stat bonus points
  4. Get Friends points from supports
  5. You can protect your treasures by sending it to your dummy account as a present
  6. You can enjoy playing in both 3 classes and do some experiment to get the best build set for your cards

To take advantage with your Multiple Account, create some experimentation with your cards. Create some Build stats which do you think has better  combination. You can create a Build set with your OFFENSIVE account, DEFENSIVE account and FULL QUEST account.

  • FULL DEFENSIVE is for your account that will protect all your tressure with your high DEFENSIVE cards, it will take care all your tressures
  • FULL OFFENSIVE will have more ATTACK points and you can use this for BATTLE or ORDER events. Usually this stats will get more Rupies.
  • FULL QUEST will have all the stat points in your STAMINA, from here you can do high level quest and hunt for some rare cards

How to Build your Attributes

Attacker Build
-  This is build is great if you want to Battle more and beat the weaklings. Focusing all your attributes on ATK then few Stamina will give you more chance to Battle but make sure you have GOOD Cards. It's useless to boost your ATK if you don't have GOOD cards.

Treasure Hunter
- This type is same with Attacker Build but you need to have more a bit DEF. You need more DEF to defend your treasure otherwise its useless to seize for treasure then eventually will get stolen from you. Make sure your Power Cards is same amount of your DEF and then distribute the remaining points to your ATK.

Adventurer Build
- This type will focus on your Stamina so you can have more Quest. Some quest specially on Boss battles requires ATK so you need boost your ATK a bit. This is good build for your Dummy Account which you don't very much on Battle but for looting for cards for your enhancements.

Hybrid Build
- This is the best Build, having balance with your Stamina, ATK and DEF will make your more versatile in all your occasion. Just put some points in your ATK and DEF with the same amount of your Power Cards then the rest focus on Stamina. You can also put the other way around, put more points on ATK than your Stamina if you want to Battle more than doing Quest.

Walkthrough :

  1. Just go along with the tutorial, its kind of straight forward so nothign to worry. 
  2. Along in the Tutorial you will meet the first Boos Lizard  Man which is the easiest Boss. Of course there's no way you will get beaten, its all scripted. You will get a chance to Level up your card by evolving so your Card is now lvl2 by default.
  3. In the tutorial you will have your first PVP and of course you will win and get some Rupiesa nd Red Ring.
  4. At the end of the Tutorial you will be asking to enter your Referral Code to get the bonus Items. If you have your Referral code send it to get the rare cards and some bonus items but if you don't have it you can use this code QEX41376. 
  5. Register your Terminal so you will receive the bonus item from your presents or gifts.
  6. Go to your Presents to claim your items but DON'T claim all your Rupies because you might lost it when other player attacked you
  7. Now its time for you post your Referral Code so go to Invite A Friend in 'My Page'. This will show your Referral Code so you can distribute it to your friends. You can also post your code here in the comments section.
  8. Start playing the Quest to level up. Everything is straight forward until you reached to LEVEL 5.
  9. If you wan't to complete an Evolve Card, just keep on playing in that quest and try to get 4 cards to evolve.
  10. Don't Enhance your card if its not fully Evolve because once you Evolved it .. it will turn back to 1
  11. Play the Battle PVP to get the Treasure Collections